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BetZest Casino Review

BetZest is a well-known betting and casino website in the industry today. It is a rather new betting website and despite that, they have managed to establish themselves as one of the best names in this field. They came into existence back in the year 2018 and have a Maltese license but they also had a Curacao-based license in the past.

BetZest have their offices in Malta, but they have a branch in Portugal as well. It shows how prominent they’ve become in a short space of time. They have already come a long way in the field and GiantBet offer many such casino and betting website reviews. We also offer some great promotional bonuses on many casinos worldwide.

BetZest website

The very first look of the BetZest website is a rather intriguing one. It has a blue-purple hue and has many details for potential odds and deals and what monetary rewards customers can reap if they register to create an account at BetZest. At the top, they have many options for what all customers can do there and this makes their website very easy to get to grips with.

Instead of taking the users to a new link for logging in or registration, the site has the option to login or register right from the frontpage. This makes it a very effective website that makes it easy for customers to use what BetZest has to offer.

Casino betting

BetZest have things like casino betting and slot games as their general food and fodder. On the top section of the BetZest website, they have a link for players to head into the casinos area. Once users open that, they have options for games and the categories right there. They say that they have as many as 199 slot games and in total, they have 256 games. While they do not have blackjack, they have roulette and board games apart from video slot games. The clients have so much to choose from and they’ll surely like it.

BetZest have a large number of games that users can play and enjoy whenever they want. The fact that the login and registration zone is always hanging around makes it an enticing experience to enjoy.

Sports betting

BetZest are also known to have a variety of sports betting options available, even though they are very good at the casino side of things. They specialise in sports betting. They have a link for wagering on sports at the top of the website and users can easily head to that and see what all they have to offer.

They have live sports fixtures running on sports betting and also have important statistics and information about the upcoming games in specific sports. From ice hockey and cricket to football, they have the option of allowing clients to seek bets on the prominent to lesser-known sports and on teams from multiple divisions from these sports. This makes BetZest Casino a very good and reliable outlet for those interested in sports betting.

Support system and payment

BetZest have a very reliable help section on their website. But customers who want any help can immediately call them on their helpline number and seek advice or suggestions from their executives. BetZest executives are available throughout the day and like to help out customers in anything they want. They also have an email that people can get in touch with and the executives are very regular with responding to queries.

As for the payment, customers can pay at BetZest through various ways. While bank transfer, debit and credit card are the general options, customers can pay through online banking and can use many third-party payment gateways like PayPal to make the deposits.


In more ways than one, BetZest are a very reliable betting website. They thrive on completeness, be it the look of their website, reliability of payments, casino games or betting in sports. 

Us at GiantBet would highly recommend customers to use BetZest. You can also read many such great reviews on our official website and we also offer some lucrative bonuses and discounts on betting deals on many websites.