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The sport originated in Sweden but is very popular in other Northern countries such as Finland; the Finns won the 2018 Championship, and they are rivals of the investors of this sport.

Such rivalry is more than natural because Floorball is a type of floor hockey, and as Finland and Sweden are rivals in Ice Hockey the ‘transportation’ of the rivalry to this closely related sport is not unexpected.

World Games

In the most recent World Games, floorball was present, and that is proof that Floorball is a growing sport just like Bandy which another variation of hockey that is very popular in Scandinavia.

Floorball Betting

There are several national leagues available at the most prestigious bookmakers for floorball fans to bet; the sport is similar to Ice Hockey in the sense that the most relevant market for bets is the match result. There are, however, some differences that make it a little easier to bet on Floorball than Ice Hockey if you are new to sports betting.

The 1×2 System of Odds

The most important system for bets on the result of a floorball game is the same as Association football, i.e. the famous 1×2 system.

If you know how to bet on football using 1×2 odds you know how to bet on Floorball, it is that simple – but don’t worry if you won’t know how to bet using the 1×2 system we will explain as it is quite easy to understand

Floorball 1X2 Bets

The 1×2 system is a form of displaying betting odds that are related to the three possible results of a game, i.e. the victory of the home team, the draw and the victory of the visitors.

The 1×2 system represents these three possibilities, and when you click on the 1×2 odds, you ‘open a box’ at the website to place your stake and confirm the bet.

Floorball Betting Prizes

Let’s suppose you like Ice Hockey, and after researching a little, you are ready to bet on a team. Still, you don’t know how much you can win – betting odds work after you decide how much you want to bet, all you have to do is to multiply the potential stake by the odds, and you will know exactly how much you can win.

The bookmakers have user-friendly systems that allow you to calculate the potential prizes until you are ready to bet. Sports betting is excellent as you can decide whether or not to take risks based on how much you may win.

Floorball Odds

If you bet on a team that is considered a big team and the market believes they have high chances of winning the game the odds tend to be lower, the opposite is also true: ‘underdogs’ have higher odds as the risks are equally more significant.

If you want to learn how to create betting odds based on your sports betting knowledge to develop a long term betting strategy aiming sustained profits, please read our guide about sports betting odds.