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Free Play Slot Games

Hello and welcome to our Free Play Slot Games page, where you can find slot games from all over the world and all the best game developers for you to play and enjoy. As the name suggests, this is our free slots page, so you do not need to pay, register or even download any of our games – simply select the game that takes your fancy and play away!

Our Free Play Slot games page has many online slot games from the biggest and best game developers for players to get immersed into. These games, which run using HTML or Flash, can be played on mobile phones, desktops or laptop PCs, thus allowing you to play them at your convenience and on your device of choice.

Free play games allow players to be able to have a look at games without having to buy tokens to wager on them. It is thus a great way for players new to these games to gain an understanding of the features and nuances of the games before choosing the game on which they would want to spend real money, and thus our free play casino games page has a wide selection of online video slot games for players to choose from.

Given the way in which online slot games have grown in popularity and the number of games out there, we always recommend that players try out free play games before moving on to the real money versions, and our game library has all the games you could possibly hope to try out!

How to play free slots

It is really simple to play our free play casino games! Simply navigate to the free slots game page and find the game you want by either using the search option or by using the category filters to look for a game in a specific genre. You can even search for games by a specific game provider. Once you’ve found the game you want to try out, click on the tile to visit its page, where you can read a game review, see more information about the game and then choose to play the game itself if you want. It really is that simple!

Free Play Games features

Most free play slot games will give you a coin balance, say 5000 coins or so, to be able to play the game for free and for as long as you want. If you end up depleting that balance, simply refresh the page and your balance will be restored for you to play the game again to your heart’s content. These free play casino games are the same as the actual real money games, just with virtual coins to allow players to get a hang of the game without spending real money. However, there are also some specific free play demos by some game developers which allow you to pick the features you want before playing the game. This allows players to test bonus features immediately without having to wait for the bonus rounds to be triggered in the game.

Mobile Slots

As mentioned earlier, all our slot games can be played on mobile devices. The HTML technology used by most major slot developers means that they can be easily played on Android mobile devices, with the experience being as good, if not better, than desktop slot games. On the other hand, Apple device users can also enjoy our slot games on iPhones and iPads, by directly visiting our site rather than looking for free play slot games on the iOS Store.Free Play Games future.

Online slots have become extremely popular, and so it is not surprising to see game developers try to push the envelope and come up with new ways to keep fans entertained and create more and more new features and concepts. All of the biggest developers are coming up with interesting ideas, be it virtual reality slot games, 3D slots or social gaming options, in order to find the ‘next big thing’ in the world of online slot gaming. It is no guarantee that these features will be a hit, but the slot game developers are working towards providing customers and players with the best experience possible at all times.

Things to keep in mind while playing Free Play Slot Games

The whole point of free play casino games is to give the player a feel for the game before they choose to spend real money, and so there are some areas and features which players need to look out for when playing free slot games –

  • Design and theme – The best games are those which can keep players engaged, and a large part of this is down to the graphics and theme of the game. There are so many slot games out there that this can prove to be an important differentiating factor – the gameplay and design should be immersive enough for the player to be able to be sucked into the world of the game
  • Betting options – The betting options available in the game are important, as the game may or may not be suitable to a player based on these options. For example, a penny slots player will not want to play on a game where the minimum bet size is 1, while a high risk taker will want a higher bet value than 5
  • Bonuses – Most slot games have their best features and winning options in the bonus games, and so it is important that players test these bonus features out in the free play area. Some games take an eternity to land the bonus game, and so it is best for the player to realise this on the free play game
  • Hit rate – While the RTP and volatility of every slot game will be provided, another important factor is the hit frequency. It is thus recommended that players keep note of how often they land wins while playing the game, as this will determine whether it pays frequently enough to keep the player interested