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Understanding Motorsport Betting

Betting on races can be even more exciting than betting on other sports like Ice Hockey or Association Football. It is because of the nature of motorsport and how cars could always break down even if we are talking about a Ferrari or a Mercedes. Betting odds for the big stars to win races can be very high in comparison with betting on favourite teams of other sports.

Betting on F1

If you like Formula One, which has been a source of joy and pride for Finnish motorsport fans for decades, you can actually enjoy it even more if you bet on secondary markets like who will win a qualifying session or whether a pitot from a less traditional constructor or secondary constructor like Toro Rosso will make the top 10 for example.

Formula One allows you to bet on many markets during a weekend and live betting is fascinating too. Some profitable opportunities can happen during the race and fans with a keen eye can profit out of their racing knowledge.

Motorsport Betting Special Bets

The most common markets other than race result, i.e. who will win the race would be what drivers will make it to the podium, who will make it to the top 6 and top 10, what constructor will win the race or whether a constructor will make it to the podium.

Other International Markets

Formula One is the most popular race category in Finland. Still, motorsport fans can bet these days on pretty much all prestigious racing events such as American racing categories like Indy, Nascar or other popular markets in Europe such as Moto GP.

The system of bets, i.e. the most common options of markets to bet used to work similarly but there are of course some differences if you consider, for example, the number of competitors in a race.

Categories that have select races such as Indianapolis or Le Mans can be exciting as bookmakers often offer special promotions such as enhanced odds to events like that.

Understanding Races’ Odds

If you know how to bet on other sports you don’t have to worry: odds work in the very same way, i.e. they act as a number that affects the amount of money you bet and determinate how much you may eventually profit.

Decimals are the most used odds when it comes to Formula One betting in Europe. To calculate a decimal odd is very easy; all you have to do is estimate how likely you believe the event is in terms of percentages and divide 100% by that number. Let’s see a simple example

If you believe Bottas has 25% of chances to win a race, you need to divide 100% by that number, i.e. 100% / 25% = 4.0. That would be what pro punters call ‘fair odd’, and in case you find odds that are higher than that in the markets you should bet on that.

In case you are good at making estimations and always stick to that kind of bet, you will see a profit in the long run. Here at GiantBet we give you access to many Bookmakers that will allow you to test your skills on Motoracing Betting.