New Online Casinos

Ever since the mid 1990s, the internet has slowly taken over all of our lives. Everything has moved online; people are able to work from home like never before, high streets are slowly closing as everyone can go shopping from the comfort of their own home, and cinemas are becoming less popular as people can now stream thousands of films whilst sat on the sofa. Casinos are the same, as the rise of the latest online casino websites has shown that you can gamble and place bets without having to get out of bed.

With there being so many different new online casinos, it is hard to know where to start when selecting where to play. We at understand it can be difficult, so have put a short guide to the newest casinos together, to help you make the right call.

Why Play At New Casinos?

Sometimes bettors can become a bit stuck in their way and comfortable. They like a certain betting site so much, that they can’t summon the energy to look around for something new, instead choosing to stick with what is familiar and safe. WRONG. It should feel like shopping around for a new car or phone, going and trying out as many different varieties as possible, and always on the lookout for something better.

Casino websites are aware of this, so will often have welcome bonuses available to new customers. This can come in the forms of a matched deposit bonus (where anything you deposit is matched by the casino) free spins on a certain number of games, or free bets when you deposit for the first time. Sometimes these welcome offers don’t even require a deposit, simply signing up and starting an account is enough to warrant a welcome bonus.

If this guide to the newest casinos can stress anything, it is to take advantage of as many of these offers as possible. That is what they are there for after all.

Always Remember

When looking at the latest online casinos for some great welcome bonuses, there are some things to consider


  • Make sure they have a good selection of games, and also the ones that you want to play. No point signing up to the latest online casinos if you can’t play your favourite slots.
  • Check the smallprint, to make sure they are fully licensed, have good user experience, and a decent customer service page.
  • A wide range of payment options is always beneficial, so you aren’t restricted to old credit & debit card options like Mastercard and Visa if you only use e-wallets.
  • Double check the welcome bonus terms and conditions, as they may require certain deposit amounts to be triggered, or only valid on a selected number of games.

Future Online Casinos

The development of slot games is easy to track. Back when the old mechanical machines were first introduced to casinos back in the late nineteenth century, they were incredibly simple, with only a very limited number of symbols and reels. While bettors were content with these for a while, as players have become more sophisticated and accustomed to slots, game providers had to begin to make them more technical and complex, to keep customers interested. This saw the rise of wild symbols, multipliers and free spins. Even now, the games continue to develop into more and more complicated beings. It is the websites and developers who keep an ear to the ground to see what players want, who will continue to succeed in the business.

Some of the recent developments are themed slot games. More and more titles are being based on pre-existing films or television series. It is a smart move, as these shows or movies will have built up a strong fan base, so will automatically seek these themed games out.

While not yet mainstream just set, with the ascent of virtual reality, some VR slot games are beginning to appear. Once this technology is more widely accessible, we certainly predict that many new online casinos will be introducing more and more VR slots.

Another innovation that could well take off soon is live dealer progressive jackpot games. Something that previously wasn’t possible, now soon will be thanks to advances in technology, giving players a much more immersive experience when playing online casino games. 

Keep An Eye Out 

It is always worth checking out the latest online casinos. They are still cropping up all the time, and each will have unique offers and promotions to explore, so make sure to have your finger on the pulse!

There you have it, we at hope this helps you find some great new online casinos. Have a look through our list of recommended sites, and get betting!