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Finnish Baseball

Pësapallo is a bat-and-ball sport originated in Finland, and it shares similarities with baseball, but some things are quite different.

It is easier to point the differences than explaining the game as a different sport; in essence, it is a faster-paced game than traditional baseball, it is much easier for the batter to hit the ball because it is pitched vertically instead of horizontally.

Finnish Baseball is considered by many as more complicated than traditional American baseball. It is because the game has more tactical possibilities that are explained by the fact that the offensive game has more potential variations – the role of the manager is quite significant at Pësapallo and way more active than at standard baseball.

A Summer Sport

The game is typically played only during the summer because of the weather of Finland. The sport is expanding, and the 2019 World Cup of Pësapallo was in India in late November. It was the tenth time the tournament took place, and the Finns were able to play the sport at a location chosen because of the excellent weather and generally rainless forecast.

The Indians are huge fans of cricket which is another bat-and-ball sport which makes Pësapallo a sport of great potential to that market.

Pësapallo Betting

Like other sports that are popular in Finland, the markets centre around the concepts of decimal odds and 1×2 system of bets.

If you are familiar with other sports that are popular in Finland, to bet on the match result is something you surely have heard of; Finnish baseball works the same way as the match result is the most relevant market.

Often the game is decided using a system of extra time, which means the regular time result of ‘draw’ is quite common like Football, where the X selection also exists.

Pësapallo Odds

During season time it is easy to find odds to bet on Finnish baseball, all you have to do is search for a bookmaker that is available in Finland and bet on the 1×2 market or secondary ones such as the extra time.

If you don’t know how to estimate the chances of a team winning in terms of odds, but you can think of a percentage that translates your estimations, it is quite easy to convert it, let’s learn how to do it:

Let’s suppose you are betting on Finland to beat India at the World Cup of Pësapallo and you believe the inventors of the sport have a great advantage and have chances of winning of 80% – all you have to do is divide 100% by this number. You get the correspondent decimal odd, which would be 100% / 80% = 1.25.

Bet Like a Professional

One of the greatest secrets of gamblers that make a living out of sports betting is the concept of value, which is quite simple: you must bet on odds that are bigger than the ones that translate your estimations because they ‘hold value’.

Bet on valuable odds season after season, and you can profit a lot with your knowledge of Pësapallo and sports betting in general.