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Rugby Union and Rugby League

If you are not familiar with the different variants of Rugby you don’t need to worry as the rules are almost the same and at times the community even considering the possibility of merging these two very similar variants.

If you know the basics about a Rugby game or an American Football game, you are almost ready to bet on Rugby Union events.

1X2 Market

The sport works in a similar way in comparison with sports like Association football or Handball, the system of 1×2 is used to take bets on the potential victory of the teams or the match draw.

Unlike other relevant sports there are big secondary markets, while it may be hard to find special markets to bet in Handball or Volleyball league games, the same cannot be said about Rugby Union

Handicap Bets

Handicaps work the same way as in other sports, this system of bets is more suitable for games of major difference of relevance of a team in comparison with the underdog – in a way the handicap tries to keep the betting markets interesting because it is very boring to bet on selections that can only pay you prizes in the house of 1.01 to 1.05 for example.


Prestigious rugby events such as the Six Nations have special betting markets related to the performance of the teams and when it comes to outrights the most important market surely is the ‘who wins the trophy’ one: to win this kind of bet you must be able to predict the winning team of the tournament.

Transporting Skills

If you know how to calculate odds to bet on different sports, you can use the skills that you have to start estimating the chances of rugby union teams and try to profit on this very profitable and liquid market.

American Football and Rugby League betting are really similar, in fact the only major difference when it comes to American football is the system of moneyline and spreads which is more like a ‘display’ peculiarity rather than a difference related to the nature of the sport.

Rugby Union Betting Bonus

Most bookies have bonus that are valid for any sports events: while it may be hard to find a special bonus for this sport, you can use the deposit bonus offered as part of the welcome bonus of most operators to gamble on Rugby Union events.

Decimal and Fractional Odds

The sport is quite popular in many different countries which means some bookies may display the odds in a fractional system rather than the decimal one which is the most used one in Finland; if you come across fractional odds you can try to find the conversion button which is present at most websites of bookies or try to understand how to transform the odds ‘manually’ which isn’t that difficult.


Rugby Union is a good sport for bets as the odds used are easy to grasp and there are many prestigious events in the sphere of clubs as well as international selections. We recommend Rugby Union as a secondary sport for football bettors, you can really profit by betting on this growing sport that is popular in Europe as well as other parts of the world.