Play N’ Go’s Money Wheel video slot game is a truly unique title to have hit the market, however it is one that has certainly captured the imagination and the developers may be onto a winner with it.

Themed towards the Asian market with the symbols used (i.e. the Chinese Dragon and the symbol), the game combines all the classic table games found in a casino into one game.

This Money Wheel review will provide readers with an in-depth review into the extremely inventive video slot game and will provide players with all the vital information that can help to make the game as enjoyable as the potential the game suggests it has.


As mentioned, Play N’ Go’s Money Wheel video slot game has combined three classic games into one and has produced nothing short of a masterpiece. Wagers are placed the same as they are in Blackjack, whilst the aim is to place bets on what the wheel will land on when spun – as you would when playing roulette. The wheel itself would not look out of place from the classic game show Wheel of Fortune.

Wagers can be placed from as low as €1 to a maximum of €100 per bet, although five can be placed at any time, therefore allowing wagers as high as €500 being placed per spin. Denominations are of €1, €5, €10, €25 and €100. There are no other buttons that players need to concern themselves with, which helps to make the gameplay experience as seamless as possible.

As part of our Money Wheel review, we look to see if games are available on mobile devices as playing on the move or from a handheld device is becoming even more popular than it already is. We found that this Play N’ Go title is available, whilst there are a number of Money Wheel Free Play demos available for those that want to get a feel of the game before playing it for real money.

Feature Bonuses

Unfortunately, as the game is rather basic, there are no Money Wheel bonus features available to players, although there are some great in-game rewards for bets that are successful.

Payouts can vary depending on the number or symbol landed on, with the ‘Star’ and ‘Joker’ – which are represented by the dragon and flower symbols on the board – are worth a massive 45x the original stake.

The other payouts are equal to the number landed, so for example, landing on a 20 means the original stake will be multiplied by 20.

RTP (return to player)

Play N’ Go’s Money Wheel slot game does not have the greatest return to player rate (RTP) available to players, although that might be down to just how easy the game is to play in addition to the lack of bonus features.

The minimum RTP rate stands at 80% – which is incredibly low for a slot game – whilst the highest is 92%. The average RTP rate players can expect to find from this impressively imaginative slot game is 88%.