Enhance Your Gaming Budget

The world of sportsbooks and casinos is driven by the major competition operators face to attract and retain customers.

Just like any other sector, the customers – i.e. the gamblers – benefit out of that competition. The world of retail bookmakers and casinos offer lots of freebies that can add lots of value to your gaming budget!

New and existing customers are enjoying the era of online betting and its perks. Before you get involved you first, you need to understand what kind of benefits you can find out there.

Deposit Bonus

This bonus is prevalent, and it usually applies only to new customers. It often refers to bettors that use both sections of a complete gaming site, i.e. if you bet with a site that has a sportsbook and a casino, chances are you can use the same deposit bonus at both sections of the website.

At times the bonus must be used equally at both sections or a single part of the site. It really depends on the operator, and you must understand how the bonus works before trying to enhance your gaming budget with this kind of promotion.

The bonus redemption process is usually straightforward; all you have to do is to deposit the money, and the company will offer a deposit match or a bonus of 50%, for example.

Refundable Bets

These are special promotions that generally apply only to sportsbooks. The bookies may encourage new users to test their website with a refundable bet that can be related to a specific prestigious event like the UEFA Champions League final or the Winter Olympics Ice Hockey final.

Wagering terms may apply, i.e. some rules may apply such being forced to bet for real at another event that involves uncovered risk to be allowed to bet without risks at the specific event.

Some refundable bets aren’t related to significant events and could work just as a ‘first bet’ promotion if you lose the first bet you don’t lose anything.

Please note the rules of promotions can vary a lot depending on the operator.

Augmented Odds

These promotions are becoming more common in the last years, and they offer exclusive odds that are higher than usual, i.e. they only the perceived risk or potential of the event to happen to form the prices, i.e. the odds.

These promotions are more commonly offered only to new users. Many competitors are using them on less high profile matches to enhance odds promotions. Standard Veikkausliiga matches are good examples.

Free Deposit

These bets are becoming rarer these days and more common at casinos buy you may still come across them: they encourage the bettor to interact with the website and place a bet before even making a deposit.

In case the punter wins the bet(s) however she or he may be forced to make a deposit and bet for real before being allowed to withdraw winnings that derive from this kind of bonus.