The Mahjong 88 slot game is inspired by the old favourite and classic Chinese tile-based game of the same name. This version has been produced and powered by Play N Go, and like all their games a lot of time and attention has gone into the design, to make it look as visually appealing as possible. The game has a lime green background, and the tiles and the board in the middle have all been drawn with great attention to detail, so players will feel like they are interacting with a real board.

This Mahjong 88 review will look to inform potential players and bettors how the game is played, what (if any) bonus features there are, and what the RTP (return to player) rate is. That way, those of you who are slot game fans will be well prepared when giving Mahjong 88 a go.


As the game is based on the Mahjong tile board game, it looks very different to your standard slot game. It is an eight by eight grid, with the aim being to try and match symbols in a cluster, either horizontally or vertically, to give players winning combinations. The most rewarding symbol on the board is the lotus flower, and players will hope to match as many of these together as possible, with 12 or more leading to winnings up up to X500 the original stake.

Bonus Features

If you are reading this Mahjong 88 game review to find out if there are any bonus features, then you won’t be disappointed.

The game has four seasons, where different Wild symbols will appear randomly on the grid. Spring has twelve, Summer has five, Autumn has eleven and Winter four. All winning combinations will increase the Season bonus, which is won when the season changes.

Collecting winning symbols helps charge the Fortune Frog feature. When the player has collected 88 or more symbols, any winning combination can result in a X5 multiplier.

Mahjong 88 Free Play

As the Mahjong 88 slot game is quite different to the standard online slot game, players may be a bit more wary before playing with their own money. That is why it might be a good idea to take part in the Mahjong 88 free play version first. This means potential bettors can get used to it first and understand how it all works, before playing the live version for cash.


The RTP rate for this game is 96.62%, meaning players stand a good chance of making money back when playing this slot game.

Our Mahjong 88 Review

It certainly is a bit different than the other slot games out there, but it is all the better for it. Practice on the Mahjong 88 free play version first if you like, and then take on the challenge of the real thing. With its great design and fun bonus features, our Mahjong 88 game review is a very positive one.