Over the last few years, the number of casino games and betting merchants has only increased. As a result from this large market, players have a lot of great slot games available to choose from and we are here to help navigate you through!

Sabaton is a really enjoyable and well-known slot game that might not need too much introduction to players if you are a big fan of these type games. Developed by the famous Play’n Go company, Sabaton slot game is accessible on many platforms. It can be played on PC, Android and even on IOS. 

Sabaton Slot Game Review

But Sabaton carries a war-like theme and is an action-packed slot game. The game is actually based on a Swedish band that carries the same name, but the band has songs that are related to war, heroism and patriotism. So the Sabaton slot game also has the same theme.

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How to play

The title screen of this game is loaded with imagery related to war. It has tanks, cannons, smoke and fire coming out from the background. The reel looks pretty good and has a brownish tinge to it. Graphically, Sabaton is a very interesting slot game.

But the game has a total of five reels, but with three rows only. This is pretty standard for a Play’n Go game. Sabaton has a total of ten paylines as well, meaning there is clearly potential to win big rewards. 

This game’s Return to player rate (RTP) can range from 96.5 to 94.5. The game has medium variance too, which is not bad.

The main object of the game is to get the symbols arranged into combos that lead to players winning rewards. There are different symbols in this game and they have different multipliers as well. Some symbols are low-paying and are pretty standard ones. But the other symbols are special ones and pay high. Good luck!

Bonus features

There are symbols called the Metal Slacks symbol and the Mystery Symbols. There is also a Chained Reels feature which gets activated randomly on any spin. But this feature isn’t active during the Free Spins mode.

Last Stand is a feature on this game which has the same name as a song of the Sabaton band. Through this, one or two reels end up getting wild symbols and this goes a long way in helping players earn big.

There are scatter symbols on this game, but when the 3×3 reel has all the scatter symbols, it unlocks the Battalion Spins. This allows for seven free spins and many great multipliers.

At Giant Bet we rank the Sabaton game highly and this is mostly due to number of rewards and bonuses that it has to offer.