3 Hand Casino Hold’em game review 

 This is a game provided by Play N’Go, and offers far more ways to win than regular poker. 

What is the difference between 3 Hand Casino Hold’em and regular Poker? 

The major difference between Poker and 3 hand Casino Hold’em lies in the name. As opposed to the one hand to play against the dealer with, players are dealt three hands from the same deck, vastly increasing your chances of winning. 

How to play

To begin with, players are dealt three hands of two cards, upon which you can bet. You can also place money on a “bonus” bet, which can be paid out, if won, alongside a regular bet. After the first bets have been made, two cards are dealt face up for each of your hands, totalling six cards. Alongside this, two cards are dealt to the dealer, dealt face down. 

Following this, three community cards are dealt face up, which can be applied to any of your hands. If these five cards (two cards in your hand and three community cards) can be used to form a pair or better, the AA bonus bet is automatically paid out to you. 

Then, a further two community cards are dealt, again face up, creating a total of five community cards. This allows even greater flexibility in the hands which can be achieved by the player. The dealer will also reveal his two hidden cards.

Using these five community cards, as well as any one of your three hands, a player aims to create the best five cards possible. If a player’s five-card hand is stronger than the dealers, you will receive winnings, based on the strength of your hand. A tied hand with the dealer will result in your stake being returned.         


This fun and unpredictable game offers the player the chance to win far more than regular poker, and is also playable on a wide range of devices. Available to play on Android, IOS and Windows, players can use the game on computer, mobile phone, and tablet. This means that this game can be played on the go, whether it be commuting to work, in the car or whilst queuing. 

Three- hand Casino Hold’em is also available in 37 languages, meaning that it is possible to play it across the globe. All of this means that you can continue to challenge the dealer, with the odds in your favour, wherever you are.

What is the RTP 

The return to player (RTP) is how much money the game gives back to players, and is expressed as a percentage. Across most Casinos, the RTP can vary from 65% to approximately 95%, depending on the game and/or the casino. In the case of 3 Hand Casino Hold’em, the return to player stands at a very high 97.84%, meaning that for every €10000 placed on the game, €9784 will be returned to the player base, making it significantly more rewarding than regular poker as well as many other table games and online casino games