Queen’s Day Tilt slot game is a very intriguing slot game that many bettors and casino lovers would be familiar with. The theme of this game is pretty unique and has a pretty different style as well, as it has some great thrills and twists on it. Created by the famous company Play’n Go, this slot is available on multiple platforms. That actually applies to many other slot games and Queen’s Day Tilt slot game is available on PC, Android and even IOS.

The theme of the game relates to kings, queens and the crowning of them. It has many elements pertaining to that. This Queen’s Day Tilt Review will educate players about this game and how it works. We talk about the RTP of the game and how it can help players earn big rewards.

How to play

This game takes players back to the medieval era, where kings and queens ruled the areas of the world. Players go back to a time when kings would compete for fame and glory. Not many slot games out there carry a theme and in that sense, this comes across as a unique game and players are likely to enjoy it as well.

The background of this game has many things that involve the medieval era. It has guards in the background and a tournament grounds from the decades gone by. A track plays in the background and it really gets along very well with the whole theme.

The idea of the game is simple. Players have to land symbols in a combination and through these combinations, they get rewards. The amount of these rewards depend on the value of the symbols and the number of symbols that end up on the combination.

The game has a classic 3×3 grid and players have a chance of winning as much as 3000x their original bet. The low paying symbols are the regular card symbols. This includes hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds. They have different colours- specific to each symbol. The other symbols are special symbols that pay high and have bonus values.

Bonus features

There are two shield symbols on this game that have high values. One has an emblem on it and one has a couple of knights made on it. The queen symbol – as the name may suggest, is the wild symbol and it replaces all the other symbols on the slot. While the game has no scatter or other special symbols, the players can trigger free spins by emptying the reels and making combinations through all the symbols on the grid.

This is comparatively easier to do, as the game has a 3×3 reel. The RTP of the game stands at a really good 96.97. That isn’t the highest by any means, but it shows that players have the chance to win big.

Queen’s Day Tilt slot game review

We would really recommend players to first check out the Queen’s Day Tilt Free Play version. They can do this without paying and they will get the chance to learn this slot game before they move onto the paid versions, where they can earn rewards.